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Video Submission Guidelines

The authors of the finally accepted papers of CIAIS 2021 need to create a video presentation of their research to present their work to an audience, and to help make the conference more informative, valuable, and engaging for other attendees.

You are free to use any free screen capture software, that you prefer as long as you obtain a good quality recording and your final file is in the MP4 format.


  1. Audio/Video Format and Recording guidelines :

    • All final pre-recorded presentations must be in MP4 Format.
    • Presentation length of individual technical paper presentations should not exceed 15 mins.
    • Audio & Video should be of excellent quality without any unwanted or background noise. The video needs to be in HD 1280 x 720 (16:9) or 1920 x 1080 (16:9).
    • Your video will be presented by one person only. You can choose a presenter from your group.(Please note that “Certificate of Presentation” will be provided to Presenter only.)
    • Live-feed of the presenter is not required.
    • Use a decent mic to record the audio. Avoid using inbuilt microphones of laptops since they can pick up a lot of background noise.
    General Tips for creating a high-quality video:
    • Use as quiet an area as possible.
    • Make sure that in the video before you start speaking there is a 10 second gap and once you stop speaking let the recording run for 10 more seconds silently. It will make it easier for us to synchronize it at the time of final presentation.
    • The font, size, and color of the text in the video should be readable.
    • Before recording the final presentation, it is strongly recommended that you do a test recording that is at least a few minutes in duration to review the sound & picture quality, the MP4 format, and the selected bit rate. Adjust accordingly if needed.
  2. Presentation Guidelines :

    There is no specific template for the presentation, however, we recommend authors to present the paper in a manner that covers all aspects of their paper including but not limited to:

    • Introduction
    • State of Art
    • Proposed Work
    • Results
    • Conclusion and Future scope
    • References

    The authors also should include the following in their title-page mandatorily:

    • Paper Title and Author Names
    • Name of Presenter
    • Write name of the conference in the title page

  3. Uploading Your Presentation :

    After you have prepared your MP4 video file, instructions on how to upload your video presentation will be updated here soon.

    Imp: For individual technical paper presentations, please use the following naming convention for the final file: PID_TRACKID.mp4, where PID is your unique Paper ID number assigned on Easy chair.
    TRACKID is the unique TRACK ID which will be informed before videos are to be uploaded.

Last date to submit video Presentations is 5th March 2021.